The Welcome "Mat" Rates

Toy 1-12 lbs
$55- Bath package
$70- Bath package+haircut

S  13-25 Lbs

$60- Bath package

$80- Bath package+haircut

M  26-50 Lbs

$65- Bath package

$95- Bath package+haircut

L  51-70 Lbs

$80- Bath package

$105- Bath package+haircut

XL  71-95 Lbs

$90- Bath package

$120- Bath package+haircut

XXL  96-120 Lbs 

$115- Bath package

$135- Bath package+haircut

Front Door Service Fee -- $20

  • Helps cover travel and maintenance of your top-notch mobile facility

Unique Breeds- Additional $15

These are dogs that we consider unique breeds. What makes them unique is their coat type, which requires more time and labor to groom. 

Extra Support for Your Pup

  • De-Skunking Treatment--$30

  • Flea/Tick Treatment/Removal--$30

  • Highly Aggressive/Difficult Temperament--$20

  • Less than 48 Hr Cancellation--$25

**Please note that these prices are here to try and give the best estimate that we can, as we strive for transparency. Actual price will be determined by services rendered upon appointment, verification of pet weight, coat condition, temperament and any special needs due to health. Prices are subject to change.**